Thursday, 15 June 2017

1º BTO Reported Speech

 These are the keys to the exercises that I gave you in class to revise Reported Speech.

1.She added that the telephone bill had to be paid that month.
2. The teacher said that their school hadn´t been closed the
    previous morning/ the morning before.
3. She said he hadn´t arrived on time once the previous week / the week before.
4. The boy wanted to know how far my house was from the centre of town.
5. Sarah asked Peter where the Grand Canyon was/is.(it continues being in the same place)
6. I enquired whose book that was. / whose that book was.
7. Mrs Jones asked how much a day return to Bath cost.
8. We wondered whether/if people still played croquet.
9. The teacher told the student to go and take his/her things to him/her.
10. The solicitor told Mrs Pitt not to worry about anything.

      2. Specific Reporting Verbs:

       1. She asked him not to smoke there.  (REQUEST)
       2. He invited me to have lunch with him the following Sunday. (INVITATION)
           She accepted the invitation.// She said she would love to.
       3. The boss reminded me (not to forget) to take the/those letters to the post.
       4. He advised me to try to get a room with sea views. (ADVICE)
       5. I offered Susan to open the tin for her.  (OFFERING)
       6. Ricardo´s friend suggested that he (should)revise/ advised him to revise the phrasal
           verbs for the exam.  He said it was boring and suggested going
           to Bruno´ pool instead.  (SUGGESTION)
       7. The girl begged her mum to let her stay / to stay a bit more and watch
           Master Chef.  (STRONG REQUEST)
           She explained that she wanted to see if Miri passed/ would pass the final.
       8. The guard warned the children to be careful (because) there were
           open wires there.  (WARNING)

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Causative Passive


We use a causative verb when we want to talk about something
that someone else did for us or for another person.
 It means that the subject caused the action to happen, 
but didn't do it themselves.
Maybe they paid, or asked, or persuaded the other person 
to do it. For example, we can say:

I cleaned my house. (This means I cleaned it myself).
If I paid someone to clean it, of course I
A cleaner cleaned my house.
But, another way is to use a causative construction. So I can also say:

                                                       I had my house cleaned.

In a sense, using a causative verb is similar to using a passive.
The important thing is that the house is now clean. We don't focus on who did the cleaning 


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The Simple Past: Biographies


Choose either Rafa Nadal or Amancio Ortega and write his biography in your notebook.
 Use the notes below and some other words
that you may need.


-          be born – 3rd June 1986 – Manacor.
-          Coach: his uncle.
-          4 years old: play tennis 2 hours/day
-          child: love playing football
-          leave school when he finish secondary school
-          2001 (15 years old): join professional tennis association
-          2002: play first professional match.
-          2003: play Roland Garros but injury.
-          2004: win Roland Garros. (youngest tennis player).
-          2005: defeat number 1: Roger Federer in Roland Garros.
-          Become most famous sports person in Spain (F. Alonso before).
-          win many tennis awards.
-          sign contract with Nike.
-          2008: won best tennis player in the world.
-          Like: fishing, computer games, formula 1, music.


-          be born – 1936 – Busdongo de Arbas, León.
-          13 years old: leave school
-          move to Galicia with his family
-          14 years old: work in two famous clothes shop in La Coruña
-          found dressing gown company: Confecciones GOA. Export to Europe.
-          marry – 2 children
-          1975: open first Zara shop in La Coruña.
-          1976: open Zara shops in different regions in Spain.
-          1985: create Inditex group.
-          1990: open shops in Europe, America, Asia and North of Africa.
-          buy Massimo Dutti and Stradivarius.
-          2001: marry Flora Pérez – one daughter.
-          2011: abandon the position of manager of the company.
-          Richest man in Europe – 3rd in the world
-          Ambitious, very observant and perfeccionist.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Passive Voice with Ed Sheeran

 Image result for the galway girl ed sheeran
Listen to the song The Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran
and do the activities below

  1. She played the fiddle in an Irish band
  2. But she fell in love with an English man
  3. Kissed her on the neck and then I took her by the hand
  4. Said, "baby, I just want to dance"
  5. I meet her on Grafton street right outside of the bar
  6. She shared a cigarette with me while her brother played the guitar
  7. She asked me what does it mean, the Gaelic ink on your arm?
  8. Said it was one of my friend's songs, do you want to drink on?
  9. She took Jamie as a chaser, Jack for the fun
  10. She got Arthur on the table with Johnny riding as a shotgun
  11. Chatted some more, one more drink at the bar
  12. Then put Van on the jukebox, got up to dance3
  13. You know, she played the fiddle in an Irish band
  14. But she fell in love with an English man
  15. Kissed her on the neck and then I took her by the hand
  16. Said, "baby, I just want to dance"
  17. With my pretty little Galway girl
  18. You're my pretty little Galway girl
  19. You know she beat me at darts and then she beat me at pool
  20. And then she kissed me like there was nobody else in the room
  21. As last orders were called was when she stood on the stool
  22. After dancing to Kaleigh,singing to trad tunes
  23. I never heard Carrickfergus ever sang so sweet
  24. A capella in the bar using her feet for a beat
  25. Oh, I could have that voice playing on repeat for a week
  26. And in this packed out room swear she was singing to me
  27. You know, she played the fiddle in an Irish band
  28. But she fell in love with an English man
  29. Kissed her on the neck and then I took her by the hand
  30. Said, "baby, I just want to dance"
  31. My pretty little Galway girl
  32. My, my, my, my, my, my, my Galway girl
  33. My, my, my, my, my, my, my Galway girl
  34. My, my, my, my, my, my, my Galway girl
  35. And now we've outstayed our welcome and it's closing time
  36. I was holding her hand, her hand was holding mine
  37. Our coats both smell of smoke, whisky and wine
  38. As we fill up our lungs with the cold air of the night
  39. I walked her home then she took me inside
  40. To finish some Doritos and another bottle of wine
  41. I swear I'm gonna put you in a song that I write
  42. About a Galway girl and a perfect night
  43. She played the fiddle in an Irish band
  44. But she fell in love with an English man
  45. Kissed her on the neck and then I took her by the hand
  46. Said, "baby, I just want to dance"
  47. My pretty little Galway girl
  48. My, my, my, my, my, my, my Galway girl
  49. My, my, my, my, my, my, my Galway girl
  50. My, my, my, my, my, my, my Galway girl, hey


The Passive Voice

 Image result for famous passive voice quotations
When, Why and How to use a Passive Form

More practice: Passive Voice Sentences
Turn into the passive voice the sentences below:
1.     John broke the window and kept it in secret.
2.     The boy over there has bought a car and a house.
3.     People don’t make so much noise during the night.
4.     Somebody had been smoking a cigarette in that room when I arrived.
5.     I’m sorry, I had to do this exercise, so please be quiet.
6.     Have you ever eaten ants in a Chinese restaurant?
7.     They shouldn’t have told Ann the truth.
8.     Are you going to repair the roof?
9.     The rise of prices is creating an increasing poor society.
10.  Nobody cooked the dinner, so we had to go to a restaurant.
11.  Everybody was looking for the little child who disappeared last Friday.
12.  The storm caused many damages in the crop.
13.  Parents buy their children many toys every Christmas.
1. The window was broken by John and it was kept in secret.
2. A car and a house have been bought by the boy over there.
3. So much noice isn't made during the night.
4. A cigarette had been being smoked in that room when I arrived.
5. I’m sorry, this exercise had to be done, so please be quiet.
6. Have ants ever been eaten in a Chinese restaurant?
7. Ann shouldn't have been told the truth.
8. Is the roof going to be repeired?
9. An increasing poor society is being created by the rise of prices.
10. The dinner wasn't cooked, so we had to go to a restaurant.
11. The little child who disappeared last Friday was being looked for.
12. Many damages in the crop was caused by the storm.
13. - Children are bought many toys by their parents every Christmas.
     - Many toys are bought to children by their parents every Christmas.
Image result for famous passive voice quotations

Sunday, 28 May 2017


Verbs followed by INFINITIVE or GERUND with a change of meaning



Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Practise Reported Speech with Videos

VIDEO 1: A romantic scene from the film Love Actually.
                 Pause the video and report what the characters said.

Someone knocked on the door and Julie wet to open. Then, ...

1. Peter asked Julie who it was.
2. Mark told Julie to ....

VIDEO 2: Scene from the film The Notebook.

VIDEO 3: Kids say the funniest things ...



Some grammar tips:


Ask someone to do something

Ex., `Can I see your tickets, please?´  ------   The inspector asked me to see my ticket.

        `Please, don´t wear those boots in the house` ---- I asked them not to wear the boots
                                                                                       in the house.
        `Please, mum, let me stay a bit later.` ---- The girl asked / begged her mum to stay a bit longer.


a.- Offer to do something

b.-Promise to do something

c.-Agree to do something

d. Refuse, threaten, to do something


a.- `We´ll pay for the damage`, he said. -----  He offered to pay for the damage.

     `Shall I help you, madam?, I asked. -----  I offered to help the woman.

b.-  `I´ll definitely finish it by tomorrow`----- She promised to finish it by the next day.
                                                               (Also: She promised that she would finish .... )

c.- `Ok, I´ll meet you at the station`, I said to them. ---- I agreed to meet them at the station.

d.-  `I won´t see you anymore` she said. ------  Ellen refused to see him again.


Suggest + -ING

Suggest that + Subj+ (should) + infinitive


`Let´s go window-shopping!`, Nina suggested. ------ Nina suggested going window-shopping.
                                                                                     (=Nina is included in the suggestion)

`Why don´t you ask for a second opinion, Sean? ----

   My mother suggested that I (should) ask for a second opinion.
 ( the main subject is not included in the suggestion)

`How about organising/ Shall we organise a concert to raise money?  ----
      They  suggested organising  a concert to raise money.

`Why don´t you take up aerobics, ?` I said. ----- I suggested that she (should) take up aerobics.


4) There are many other reporting verbs such as invite,advise, remind, warn + to- infinitive

Others are followed by an -ING form, for example admit, apologize for, insisted on ...


`If I were you, I would take a taxi`   ------     Mark advised us to take a taxi.

`I really must have a rest`      ------               Trevor insisted on having a rest.


Mixed Tense Reported Statements

Reported Yes/No Questions
Reported Wh Questions

Mixed Reported Questions

Reported Requests and Orders

Reported Speech Mixed Exercise 1

Reported Speech Mixed Exercise 2