Thursday, 15 June 2017

1º BTO Reported Speech

 These are the keys to the exercises that I gave you in class to revise Reported Speech.

1.She added that the telephone bill had to be paid that month.
2. The teacher said that their school hadn´t been closed the
    previous morning/ the morning before.
3. She said he hadn´t arrived on time once the previous week / the week before.
4. The boy wanted to know how far my house was from the centre of town.
5. Sarah asked Peter where the Grand Canyon was/is.(it continues being in the same place)
6. I enquired whose book that was. / whose that book was.
7. Mrs Jones asked how much a day return to Bath cost.
8. We wondered whether/if people still played croquet.
9. The teacher told the student to go and take his/her things to him/her.
10. The solicitor told Mrs Pitt not to worry about anything.

      2. Specific Reporting Verbs:

       1. She asked him not to smoke there.  (REQUEST)
       2. He invited me to have lunch with him the following Sunday. (INVITATION)
           She accepted the invitation.// She said she would love to.
       3. The boss reminded me (not to forget) to take the/those letters to the post.
       4. He advised me to try to get a room with sea views. (ADVICE)
       5. I offered Susan to open the tin for her.  (OFFERING)
       6. Ricardo´s friend suggested that he (should)revise/ advised him to revise the phrasal
           verbs for the exam.  He said it was boring and suggested going
           to Bruno´ pool instead.  (SUGGESTION)
       7. The girl begged her mum to let her stay / to stay a bit more and watch
           Master Chef.  (STRONG REQUEST)
           She explained that she wanted to see if Miri passed/ would pass the final.
       8. The guard warned the children to be careful (because) there were
           open wires there.  (WARNING)

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